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A fundamental ingredient for your engine, choosing the right oil for your vehicle and keeping it topped up is extremely important. Ledson offer a wide range of petrol oils and diesel oils, both synthetic and non-synthetic, and also offer top brands Castrol and Mobil, as well as other essential car additives to keep things running smoothly. We also stock products from Comma, Millers, Mayslip, Wynns, Carplan, Holts, Bars, Kalimex, Abro and Redex.

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Castrol is widely acknowledged as the worlds leading specialist provider of lubricant solutions with a diverse range of products, for many different uses.
Slick 50 Advanced Formula Engine Treatment combines Slick 50 Protection Chemistry with a fully formulated 10W-30 motor oil to provide protection against friction and heat.
Today Mobil lubricants are available globally; our reputation for quality has resulted in Mobil lubricants being trusted by many original equipment manufacturers worldwide.
Car owners worldwide know that STP is all about proven performance because all of our products are backed by STP and stock car legend Richard Petty.

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