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Number Plates

At Ledson, we stock a full range of number plates for your vehicle. We stock a selection of styles including standard plates, standard with international flags, lipped plates, specially shaped plates, square plates, non standard plates, motorcycle plates, import size plates and silver line plates.

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Lipped Plates
Should you wish to display your web address, telephone number etc, Ledson can provide you with a lipped plate as an alternative solution.

Special Shaped Plates
Cars from some manufacturers, including Rover and Jaguar, may require a specially shaped plate in order to be fitted onto your car.

Square Plates are made specifically to be fitted onto motorbikes and 4x4s as both require square plates to be fitted on the rear of the vehicle.

Silver Line Plates are made with the classic car in mind. The silver on black colour scheme will help your car keep that classic look and feel.

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